Agricultural Systems Management

Robert M. Peart, W. David Shoup 
Marcel Dekker  2004  

Hard Cover  368 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824747831      £70.00

Offering practical and informative exercises in nearly every chapter, this text/reference presents valuable computer strategies for solutions to challenges commonly faced in agricultural production, processing, and management and covers topics that are integral to real-world agricultural system management including precision agriculture, crop and operation simulation, geographic information systems, project scheduling, systems reliability, machinery performance and cost, and linear optimization.

  • Accompanied by a disk containing templates for spreadsheet programs for Windows, as well as valuable data sets for problems in the text
  • Utilizes readily available computer programs, spreadsheets, and Internet tools to provide clear explanations
  • Offers practical and informative exercises in nearly every chapter

Agricultural Systems- A Managerial Overview
Data Management and Spreadsheet Fundamentals
Fixed and Variable Costs of Machinery and Facilities
Machinery Selection and Management for Maize/Soybean
Simulation of crop growth and field operations
Crop simulation principles
Optimizing the use of resources
Linear Programming
Queueing theory and waiting line applications
Project Scheduling
Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems
Precision Agriculture

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