Seeds Handbook (Second Edition) - Biology, Production, Processing, and Storage: Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

Edited by Babasaheb B. Desai 
Marcel Dekker  May 2004  

Hard Cover  800 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824748005      £170.00
  • modern biotechnological issues such as the production of synthetic seeds, loss- reduction biotechnologies, and new strategies in the seed production industry
  • burgeoning areas of seed science including tissue culture and cellular totipotency, induction and regeneration protocols, development and maturation, hormone requirements, drying and storage of somatic embryos, protective encapsulation, and crop applications
  • future challenges in the provision and enhancement of seeds for crop plants
  • practical methods of seed production
  • micropropagation, genetically modified seeds, and world food security
Revised and expanded throughout to showcase the most vital innovations in the field, this Second Edition updates researchers on all areas of seed biology, production, and processing and identifies new developments in seed testing and certification, storage, transportation, and distribution, tracking the evolution and advancement of seed industries and technologies for continuous supply of high-quality seeds for every key agronomic and horticultural crop.


Seed Biology and Biotechnology
Seed Morphology and Development
Seed Dormancy Seed Germination
Seed Viability and Longevity
Seed Production
Basic Principles of Seed Production
Cereal Crops
Pulse Crops
Oilseed Crops
Vegetable Crops
Flowers and Ornamental Crops
Sugar and Fiber Crops
Grasses and Forage Legumes
Seed Processing and Storage Technology
Drying, Cleaning, and Upgrading
Seed Treatment
Seed Packaging and Handling
Seed Transportation and Storage
Seed Marketing and Distribution

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