Soil and Environmental Analysis: Physical Methods (Second Edition)

Edited by Keith A. Smith and Chris Mullins 
Marcel Dekker  2000  

Hard Cover  656 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824704148      £167.00
This totally revised and expanded reference/text critically reviews a wide range of methods for soil physical analysis, considering application accuracy, measurement time, and cost of equipment, as well as providing examples of applications.

Providing practical guidelines for the selection of appropriate measurement techniques for particular applications, Soil and Environmental Analysis: Physical Methods, Second Edition:

  • presents new chapters on the measurement of infiltration, soil strength and friability, and on soil profile evaluation and description
  • covers current topics in soil€atmosphere exchange of environmentally important gases, including radon and greenhouse gases
  • discusses time- and frequency-domain systems for water content measurement
  • describes the latest use of logging techniques for measurement of water content, matric potential, penetrometry, and soil thermal properties
  • and contains many more topics!

Including methods for saturated and unsaturated hydraulic activity, root growth, and particle size analysis, Soil and Environmental Analysis: Physical Methods, Second Edition is an indispensable reference for soil and environmental scientists and chemists; agronomists; agricultural engineers; foresters; geochemists; ecologists; plant scientists; specialists in plant nutrition and soil mineralogy; and an important text for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.

Table of Contents

Soil Water Content
Catriona M. K. Gardner, David Robinson, Ken Blyth, and J. David Cooper

Matric Potential
Chris E. Mullins

Water Release Characteristic
John Townend, Malcolm J. Reeve, and Andrée Carter

Hydraulic Conductivity of Saturated Soils
Edward G. Youngs

Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity
Christiaan Dirksen

Brent E. Clothier

Particle Size Analysis
Peter J. Loveland and W. Richard Whalley

Bulk Density
Donald J. Campbell and J. Kenneth Henshall

Liquid and Plastic Limits
Donald J. Campbell

Penetrometer Techniques in Relation to Soil Compaction and Root Growth
A. Glyn Bengough, Donald J. Campbell, and Michael F. O€Sullivan

Tensile Strength and Friability
A. R. Dexter and Chris W. Watts

Root Growth: Methods of Measurement
David Atkinson and Lorna Anne Dawson

Gas Movement and Air-Filled Porosity
Bruce C. Ball and Keith A. Smith

Soil Temperature Regime
Graeme D. Buchan

Soil Profile Description and Evaluation
Tom Batey

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