Global Water Dynamics - Shallow and Deep Groundwater, Petroleum Hydrology, Hydrothermal Fluids, and Landscaping

Edited by Emanuel Mazor 
Marcel Dekker  2004  

Hard Cover  331 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824753221      £127.00

Utilizing observation-based research approaches to study the dynamic behavior of global water systems and the underlying variables affecting global water balance and supply, this reference specifically focuses on the study, characteristics, and management of fossil groundwaters, providing more than 280 current references, tables, and figures for comprehensive examination and further study of the global water cycle, the geohydroderm, and its major groundwater-containing geosystems.


The Geohydroderm and Its Major Groundwater-Containing Geosystems
Water Propelled Geological Processes and Shaped the Landscapes of Our Planet
Exploring and Understanding the Geohydroderm by Sequences of Observations and Conclusions
Basic Research Concepts, Aims and Queries, Tools, and Strategies

Shifting of Water and Salts Between Oceans and Continents
Shallow Cycling Groundwater, Its Tagging by Sea Spray, and the Underlying Zone of Static Groundwater
Interstitial Waters in Rock Strata Beneath the Oceans
Salt, Gypsum, and Clay Strata Within Sedimentary Basins Disclose Large-Scale Evaporitic Paleo-Landscapes

Deep Groundwater Systems€Fossil Formation Waters
The Geosystem of the Fossil Brine-Tagged Meteoric Formation Waters
Fossil Formation Waters Range in Age from Tens of Thousands to Hundreds of Millions of Years
Brine-Tagged Meteoric Formation Waters Are Also Common in Crystalline Shields: Geological Conclusions and Relevance to Nuclear Waste Repositories

Petroleum Hydrology
Anatomy of Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Fields Highlighted by Formation Waters
Evolution of Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Highlighted by the Facies of the Host Rocks and Coal
Petroleum and Coal Formation in Closed Compartments€The Pressure-Cooker Model

Hydrology of Warm Groundwater and Superheated Volcanic Systems
Mineral and Warm Waters: Genesis, Recreation Facilities, and Bottling
Water in Hydrothermal and Volcanic Systems
Part VI. Implementation, Research, and Education
Data Acquisition, Processing, Monitoring, and Banking
Conclusions and Research Avenues
Educational Aspects of Water, the Unique Fluid of Planet Earth

Epilogue: Three Energy Sources and One Transporter€The Geo-Quartet Unique to Planet Earth
Answers to Exercise Questions
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