Climate Change and Power - Economic Instruments for European Electricity

Edited by Christiaan Vrolijk 
Earthscan  September 2002  

Hardback  336 pages  ISBN 9781853838217      £90.00

Softback  336 pages  ISBN 9781853838224      £35.00

Published in association with The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA)

The electricity industry is one of the main contributors of carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, and reducing these emissions is critical to achieving international targets and mitigating climate change.

This definitive volume examines the mechanisms of the electricity industry for controlling greenhouse gas emissions. It describes the characteristics of the main European electricity regimes, defines the range of instruments available and assesses the potential of each instrument under the different regimes and for Europe as a whole. In particular, economic instruments, including emissions trading, taxes and voluntary agreements will be crucial, but across Europe there are widely different electricity systems, and policies will have different effects.


List of figures, tables and boxes
by Charles Nicholson
About the authors
Acronyms and abbreviations
Executive summary

    Part I Climate change and economic policy instruments
  1. Climate change and the power industry
  2. The Kyoto Protocol mechanisms
  3. The policy framework in Europe
  4. Economic instruments for European electricity

    Part II Case studies of European electricity sectors

  5. Introduction to the case studies
  6. Denmark: long-term planning with different objectives
    Poul Erik Grohnheit

  7. France: focus on non-fossil fuels
    Christophe de Gouvello

  8. Germany: unification and contradiction
    Joachim Schleich, Regina Betz, Frank Gagelmann, Eberhard Jochem and Dirk Koewener
  9. Italy: climate change policy and electricity liberalization
    Marcella Pavan
  10. The Netherlands: supplemental to domestic action
    Coos Battjes, Michiel Beeldman, Fieke Rijkers and Gerrit Jan Schaeffer
  11. United Kingdom: power markets and market policies
    Nicola Steen and Christiaan Vrolijk

    Part III Interactions, implications and conclusions
  12. National climate policies in Europe
  13. Reconciling climate change and the market
  14. Summary and conclusions
Appendix 1
Key articles of the Framework Convention and Kyoto Protocol
Appendix 2
Some issues from the Bonn Agreement (Decision 5/CP.6)

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