Changing Landscapes - The Development of The International Tropical Timber Organization And Its Influence on Tropical Forest Management

Duncan Poore 
Earthscan  May 2003  

Hardback  312 pages  ISBN 9781853839900      £95.00

Softback  312 pages  ISBN 9781853839917      £40.00

Published in association with International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)

Changing Landscapes reviews the evolution of policies for the sustainable use of tropical forests through a history of the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). Beginning with an introduction to the ecological, historical and socio-economic trends that have influenced contemporary global forest management regimes, it goes on to explore the complex political forces that have shaped the trade in tropical timber and its regulation. This lively, forthright, rigorous and insightful institutional history is required reading for policy-makers, researchers and practitioners alike.


List of figures, tables and boxes
List of acronyms and abbreviations

1 The rise and fall of forests

2 Sustainable forest management: a response to destruction
The tropical forest problem
Land use and management - the two elements of sustainability
Wider considerations

3 Genesis of a treaty: the ITTA takes shape
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

4 ITTO's early days: optimism and experiment
The International Tropical Timber Agreement
Other international initiatives
The 2nd Session of Council - Yokohama, March 1987
The 3rd Session of Council - Yokohama, November 1987
The 4th Session of Council - Rio de Janeiro, June-July 1988

5 First assessment: living in a fool's paradise
The definition of issues
The findings of the study
The conditions for sustainable production
Conditions of success
Recommendations to the International Tropical Timber Council - November 1988
Consideration by the International Tropical Timber Council at its 5th Session

6 From Abidjan to Bali: a radical new agenda
The context
The 6th Session of Council - Abidjan, May 1989
The 7th Session of Council - Yokohama, November 1989
The 8th Session of Council - Bali, May 1990
The Year 2000 Objective

7 The case of Sarawak
The Mission
The task of the Mission
The 'native peoples' question
Forestry in Sarawak
Findings of the Mission
The assessment
Reception at the International Tropical Timber Council

8 Ferment 1990-1992
International Tropical Timber Organization Action Plan 1990
The Quito Round Table and the Year 2000 Target
Other issues at Quito
The 11th Session of Council - Yokohama, November 1991
The 12th and 13th Sessions of Council - Yaounde and Yokohama, May and November 1992

9 Tropical forests, or all forests? Renegotiating the ITTA
International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994

10 Has the tropical timber trade any leverage? Policies 1991-1995
Criteria and indicators
The development of Forest Resource Accounting
Economic linkages

11 The many roads from UNCED
International developments: 1992-1995
International developments: after 1995

12 ITTO's road to 1995: ENGOs diverge
The 15th Session of Council - Yokohama, November 1993
The 16th Session of Council - Cartagena, May 1994
The 19th Session of Council - Yokohama, November 1995

13 1995-2000: getting on with the job
Council matters under the International Tropical Timber Agreement, 1994
Criteria and indicators
The Libreville Action Plan
The Year 2000 Report

14 Year 2000 Report: the curate's egg?
Interpretation of the Year 2000 Objective
Analysis of progress in producer countries
The position in consumer countries

15 Reaction: false start, new energy
The 28th Session of Council - Lima, May 2000
The 29th Session of Council - Yokohama, October-November 2000
The Yokohama Action Plan 2002-2006
The Mission to Indonesia and illegal logging
Forest law enforcement
The International Tropical Timber Organization in 2001

16 Policies into action: some case studies
Policies and projects
Case studies

17 ITTO: agent of change

18 Changing landscapes, future prospects
How much forest?
Trends in forest use
The way forward: from words to action

1 Definitions
2 The London Environmental Economics Centre report and certification


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