Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity - The Market Approach

Edited by Ian R. Swingland 
Earthscan  May 2003  

Hardback  392 pages  ISBN 9781853839504      £100.00

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As the ecological clock ticks, the failure of traditional forms of conservation to stop ecological devastation is all too clear. The new hope is that market-based approaches can reduce carbon emissions, save the planet from global warming, conserve biodiversity, create sustainable livelihoods and save money. Yet the critical question remains: How do we do it?

Capturing Carbon and Conserving Biodiversity makes an overwhelming case for the maximum use of carbon sinks, particularly in the developing world. The authors - a distinguished group of ecologists, biologists, conservationists, economists, lawyers, community and tribal specialists, market-makers, financial specialists, climatologists, resource managers, atmospheric scientists, project developers and corporate fund managers - reveal in persuasive detail the benefits of a market-based system of reducing and sequestering carbon. Combined with emissions trading, this approach will maximize benefit to the rural poor and indigenous people, while promoting habitat preservation and biodiversity, watershed protection, and the mitigation of global warming. Such a strategy is the lowest cost approach, and the one most likely to succeed where central planning has failed.

Most importantly the authors move beyond theory to show how people can build this self-sustaining system by exploring the range of instruments available, and what can be achieved in the absence of undue regulation. This book is essential reading for all involved with policy, research, practical conservation or the business development of these new carbon markets.


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Ian R. Swingland, Eric C. Bettelheim and John O. Niles


1 Forests, carbon and global climate
Yadvinder Malhi, Patrick Meir and Sandra Brown

2 Changes in the use and management of forests for abating carbon emissions: issues and challenges under the Kyoto Protocol
Sandra Brown, Ian R. Swingland, Robin Hanbury-Tenison, Ghillean T. Prance and Norman Myers

3 An overview of a free-market approach to climate change and conservation
Richard L. Sandor, Eric C. Bettelheim and Ian R. Swingland

4 Potential carbon mitigation and income in developing countries from changes in use and management of agricultural and forest lands
John O. Niles, Sandra Brown, Jules N. Pretty, Andrew S. Ball and John P. Fay

5 The role of multilateral institutions
Agnes Kiss, Gonzalo Castro and Kenneth Newcombe

6 Electricity generation: options for reduction in carbon emissions
H. W. Whittington

7 Measuring, monitoring and verification of carbon benefits for forest-based projects
Sandra Brown

8 Understanding and managing leakage in forest-based greenhouse-gas-mitigation projects
Reimund Schwarze, John O. Niles and Jacob Olander


9 The influence of land-use change and landscape dynamics on the climate system: relevance to climate-change policy beyond the radiative effect of greenhouse gases
Roger A. Pielke Sr, Gregg Marland, Richard A. Betts, Thomas N. Chase, Joseph L. Eastman, John O. Niles, Dev dutta S. Niyogi and Steven W. Running

10 Economic, biological and policy constraints on the adoption of carbon farming in temperate regions
Alan Renwick, Andrew S. Ball and Jules N. Pretty

11 The role of sustainable agriculture and renewable-resource management in reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and increasing sinks in China and India
Jules N. Pretty, Andrew S. Ball, Li Xiaoyun and N. H. Ravindranath

12 Social capital from carbon property: creating equity for indigenous people
Lindsay S. Saunders, Robin Hanbury-Tenison and Ian R. Swingland

13 Species survival and carbon retention in commercially exploited tropical rainforest
Ghillean T. Prance

14 Animal conservation, carbon and sustainability
Nigel Leader-Williams

15 Collateral biodiversity benefits associated with 'free-market' approaches to sustainable land use and forestry activities
Izabella Koziell and Ian R. Swingland

16 Developing markets for forest environmental services: an opportunity for promoting equity while securing efficiency?
Natasha Landell-Mills


17 Carbon sinks and emissions trading under the Kyoto Protocol: a legal analysis
Eric C. Bettelheim and Gilonne d'Origny

18 Protecting terrestrial ecosystems and the climate through a global carbon market
Robert Bonnie, Melissa Carey and Annie Petsonk

19 Designing a carbon market that protects forests in developing countries
Eduard Niesten, Peter C. Frumho., Michelle M. Manion and Jared J. Hardner

20 Greenhouse-gas-trading markets
Richard L. Sandor, Michael J. Walsh and Rafael L. Marques


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