Survival For A Small Planet - The Sustainable Development Agenda (Book with free CD-ROM)

Edited by Tom Bigg 
Earthscan  December 2003  

Softcover  359 pages  ISBN 9781844070770      £39.00
Survival for a Small Planet brings together dozens of the leading experts from around the world in a post-WSSD analysis of the prospects for sustainable development on all the major policy fronts including security, finance, urban governance, radical partnerships, migration, health, access to resources and the role of markets. The distinguished group of authors examines the contributions that governments, business and civil society can each make to improve our prospects and they set out the agenda for those working to achieve a sustainable world.

Essential reading and a vital resource for all those involved in researching and implementing sustainability at all levels and in all places.

A free CD-ROM is included containing civil society documents from the WSSD process produced by over 500 organizations in 80 countries.


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Foreword by Mohammed Valli Moosa, minister of environmental affairs and tourism, South Africa
List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Part 1: Global Governance
1 The World Summit on Sustainable Development: Was it Worthwhile?
Tom Bigg, IIED
2 Security and Sustainability
Jan Pronk, IIED chair and former UN secretary-general€s special envoy for WSSD
3 The Trade and Environment Agenda Post-Johannesburg
Mark Halle, IISD and Nicola Borregaard, RIDES (Chile)
4 Moving Beyond Kyoto: Developing Countries, Climate Change and Sustainable Development
Adil Najam, Tufts University (US) and SDPI (Pakistan), Saleemul Huq, BCAS (Bangladesh) and Youba Sokona, ENDA (Senegal)
5 Financing Sustainable Development: Is There Life after Johannesburg?
Adil Najam, Tufts University (US) and SDPI (Pakistan)
6 Global Public Goods: Some Key Questions
Keith Bezanson, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex
7 Towards Better Multilateral Environmental Agreements: Filling the Knowledge Gaps
Adil Najam, Tufts University (US) and SDPI (Pakistan)
8 The International Framework for Action: Is the CSD the Best We Can Do?
Simon Upton, chairman of the OECD Round Table on Sustainable Development

Part 2: National and Local Governance
9 National Sustainable Development Strategies
Stephen Bass and Barry Dalal-Clayton, IIED
10 Striving for Good Governance in Urban Areas: The Role of Local Agenda 21s in Africa, Asia and Latin America
Gordon McGranahan, IIED, Liliana Miranda, Ecociudad, David Satterthwaite, IIED and Luz Stella Velasquez, IDEA-UN

Part 3: Equity and Sustainable Development € Towards New Ways of Working?
11 Environment and Human Rights: A New Approach to Sustainable Development
Maria Adebowale, Capacity Global, Chris Church, ANPED, Beatrice Nduta Kairie, ELCI, Boris Vasylkivsky and Yelena Panina, Eco-Pravo Kyiv
12 The Politics of Radical Partnerships: Sustainable Development, Rights and Responsibilities
Charles Secrett, former executive director, Friends of the Earth UK
13 The Age of Globalization
Tariq Banuri, SEI Boston
14 What Does the Feminization of Labour Mean for Sustainable Livelihoods?
Nazneen Kanji, IIED and Kalyani Menon-Sen, UNDP India
15 Environment and Human Health: Towards a Shared Agenda for Sustainable Development
Gordon McGranahan, IIED and Marianne Kjellén, SEI
16 The Links between Migration, Globalization and Sustainable Development
Cecilia Tacoli, IIED
17 Research Partnerships for Sustainable Development
Steve Bass, IIED

Part 4: Poverty Reduction and Natural Resource Management
18 Poverty and Environment
Damian Killeen, Poverty Alliance Scotland and Shaheen Rafi Khan, SDPI (Pakistan)
19 Forest Policy and Practice since UNCED
Steve Bass, James Mayers and Sonja Vermeulen, IIED
20 Poverty Reduction through Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity
Izabella Koziell, DFID and Charles McNeill, UNDP
21 Reconciling Agriculture and Wildlife: Policy and Research Challenges of €Ecoagriculture€
Sara J Scherr, Forest Trends (US) and Jeffrey A McNeely, IUCN
22 Improving Access to Water and Sanitation: Rethinking the Way Forward in Light of the Millennium Development Goals
Gordon McGranahan and David Satterthwaite, IIED

Part 5: Markets and Sustainable Development
23 Do the Poor Count?
Roberto Bissio, Third World Institute (Uruguay)
24 The Chains of Agriculture: Sustainability and the Restructuring of Agrifood Markets
Bill Vorley, IIED
25 Pro-poor Tourism: Harnessing the World€s Largest Industry for the World€s Poor; Turning the Rhetoric into Action for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction
Dilys Roe, IIED and Penny Urquhart, Khanya, South Africa
26 Mining and Minerals: Breaking New Ground
Luke Danielson, IIED
27 Corporate Citizenship: Revisiting the Relationship between Business, Good Governance and Sustainable Development
Halina Ward, IIED, Nicola Borregaard, RIDES (Chile) and Paul Kapelus, Africa Institute of Corporate Citizenship (South Africa)

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