Chromosome Botany

Arcana Sharma and Sumitra Sen 
Lavoisier  2002  

Softcover  155pp  ISBN 1898298890      £55.00

Through their behavioural charcateristics and role in evolution, plant chromosomes show certain distinctive features. In addition to factors such as polyploidy, location, nature and the level of repeat sequences, the totipotency of the plant cell enables it to have a unique potential of generating genetic diversity and chromosome variants.

Chromosome Botany covers both the basics of asnd advances in plant chromosomes as a dynamic entitiy against the backdrops of growth, differentiation, reproduction and evolution. It also discusses structural details, identification of gene sequences at the chromosome level, behavioural patterns, generating specific and genetic diversity in evolution, and the genome as affected by environmental agents. This topical book will prove useful to both the beginner in plant genetics and the advanced student at graduate and post graduate level.

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