Ectomycorrhizal Fungi - Key Genera in Profile

Edited by Cairney, John W.G.; Chambers, Susan M. 
Springer  1999  

Hardcover  XVI, 370 pp, 30 figs  ISBN 9783540656098      £213.00
Mycorrhiza - the symbiosis between plants and fungi - plays a key role in plant life. This book reviews for the first time the current knowledge of 15 individual genera of ectomycorrhizal fungi. It is unique in that each chapter is dedicated to a single fungal genus, each written by internationally recognized experts on the respective fungal genera. It is thus an invaluable reference source for researchers, students and practitioners in the fields of mycorrhizal biology, mycology, forestry, plant sciences and soil biology.


Pisolithus - Suillus - Laccaria - Hebeloma - Rhizopogon - Tuber - Scleroderma - Amanita - Paxillus - Cantharellus - Lactarius - Cenococcum - Hysterangium - Thelephora - Resupinate ECM genera.

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