Photocatalysis - Science and Technology

Edited by Kaneko, Masao; Okura, Ichiro 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  XVI, 356 pp, 279 illus  ISBN 9783540434733      £108.00
The topic of photocatalysis is becoming increasingly important due to its essential role in many of today's environmental and energy-source problems. This book gives a comprehensive treatment of photocatalysis in three parts. The first part presents a brief introduction to the principles and fundamental aspects of photocatalysis including photoelectric chemical semiconductors. Part II describes applications to environmental cleaning, such as water purification and cleaning of the atmosphere. Part III discusses applications to photoenergy conversion, for example water decomposition with TiO2, semiconductors and metal complexes. Serving as a timely and convenient reference source including exciting new advances, the book will appeal to academic and industrial researchers as well as graduate and senior undergraduate students in the fields of photochemistry and photocatalysis.


Introduction.- Photoelectrochemical Processes of Seomiconductors.- Design, Preparation and Characterization of Highly Active Metal Oxide Photocatalysts.- Photoelectrochemistry at Semiconductor/Liquid Interfaces.- Photoelectrochemical Reactions at the Semiconductor Microparticle.- New Approaches in Solution-Phase Processing of Semiconductor Thin Films.- Self-Cleaning Properties of TiO2-coated Substrates.- Cleaning the Atomospheric Environment.- Water Purification - Degradation of Aqueous Pollutant and Applications to Water Treatment.- Second- Generation TiO2 Photocatalysts Able to Initiate Reactions Under Visible Light Irradiations.- Photocatalytic Organic Syntheses Using Semiconductor Particles.- Further Development to Stereoselective Organic Synthesis of Nitrogen-Containing Compounds.- .... 20 Photoelectric TiO2 Solar Cells.

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