Ecological Modeling for Resource Management

Edited by Dale, Virginia H. 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  XVII, 328 pp, 50 illus  ISBN 9780387954936      £67.00
With the use of ecological models, managers and decision makers can make sure that the ecological systems affected by their decisions are accurately represented. Unfortunately, the most relevant ecological science and modeling techniques are often not used because managers are not familiar with them or find them inappropriate for their circumstances. The authors of this volume hope to close the gap between the state of the art in ecological modeling and the state of the practice in the use of models as decision-making tools. It will serve as a readable introduction to modeling for people involved in resource management and will also review specific applications of interest to more experienced modelers. The first chapters detail several successful uses of ecological models in resource management. There are then five pairs of chapters addressing important issues in ecological modeling, including barriers to the use of modeling in decision making, evolving approaches in the field, effective use of data, the toolkit approach to management, and the various scientific and technological investments required for productive modeling. Ecologists and other scientists will learn how best to focus their research for practical, real-world applications, and resource managers and other practitioners will learn the most appropriate methods of understanding dynamic processes and making projections about the implications of their decisions.

Contents The Value of Ecological Modeling for Resource Management * Modeling for Endangered Species Recovery: Gray Wolves in the Western Great Lakes Region * Modeling Fish Entrainment and Impingement Impacts: Bridging Science and Policy * Large Scale Regional Assessments: Lessons Learned from the Southern Appalachian Assessment * Overcoming Barriers to the Use of Models in Environmental Decision Making * Barriers to the Use of Ecological Models in Decision Making * Network Approaches to Landscape Conservation * Evolving Approaches and Technologies to Enhance the Role of Ecological Modeling in Decision Making * Data and Information Issues in Modeling for Resource Management Decision Making: Communication is the Key * Effective Ecological Modeling for Use in Management Decisions: Data Issues * Effective Use of Ecological Modeling in Management: the Toolkit Concept * Role of Computational Toolkits in Environmental Management * Science and Management Investments Needed to Enhance the Use of Ecological Modeling in Decision Making * Education Investments in Environmental Science and Management * What in the World Is Worth Fighting for? Using Models for Environmental Security * New Directions in Ecological Modeling for Resource Management
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