Fluxes of Carbon, Water and Energy of European Forests

Edited by Valentini, Riccardo 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  XX, 270 pp, 138 illus  ISBN 9783540437918      £108.00
This is a synthesis of several studies on fluxes of carbon, water and energy conducted in a range of European forests encompassing different climates, soils and biomes. The volume covers methodological issues, particularly the eddy covariance technique describing its limitations and practical use. Further, major insights in ecosystem processes gained through investigations in evergreen coniferous, mediterranean and broad-leaved forests are presented. In an integrated effort, atmospheric physicists, ecologists, ecosystem modellers, and remote sensing scientists elucidate the impact of terrestrial ecosystems on the global biogeochemistry of the earth.

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Spring 2004 : Springer : agriculture & forestry : biogeography : biomass : carbon cycle : environmental science : plant science : trees and timber : water science

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