Landscape Ecology in Theory and Practice - Pattern and Process (book with CD-ROM)

Turner, Monica G., Gardner, Robert H., O'Neill, Robert V. 
Springer  2001  

Softcover  XII, 404 pp, 154 illus, 98 colour  ISBN 9780387951232      £47.00

Hardcover  XII, 404 pp, 154 illus, 98 colour  ISBN 9780387951225      £83.00
This text is aimed at students taking a course in landscape ecology, written by very well-known practitioners and pioneers in this new field of ecological analysis. Landscape ecology has emerged during the past two decades as a new and exciting level of ecological study. Environmental problems such as global climate change, land use change, habitat fragmentation and loss of biodiversity have required ecologists to expand their traditional spatial and temporal scales and the widespread availability of remote imagery, geographic information systems, and desk top computing has permitted the development of spatially explicit analyses. In this new text book this new field of landscape ecology is given the first fully integrated treatment suitable for the student. Throughout, the theoretical developments, modeling approaches and results, and empirical data are merged together, so as not to introduce barriers to the synthesis of the various approaches that constitute an effective ecological synthesis. The book also emphasizes selected topic areas in which landscape ecology has made the most contributions to our understanding of ecological processes, as well as identifying areas where its contributions have been limited. Each chapter features questions for discussion as well as recommended reading.

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