Identification of Tropical Woody Plants in the Absence of Flowers - A Field Guide, 2nd Ed.

Keller, Roland 
Springer  2004  

Softcover  XII, 294 pp  ISBN 9783764364533      £72.00
This revised and extended second edition of "Identification of tropical woody plants" is a concise representation of vegetative characters of woody taxa. It presents a unique identification system, permitting recognition of plant families in all seasons by means of morphological and macroanatomical features which are easily observable, permanent, and which provide a great deal of taxonomic information. The identification system has been designed in the form of a dichotomous key, which is illustrated with figures of woody plants showing their architecture and the morphological characters of barks, branches and leaves. The book has been revised according to the latest molecular biological findings in taxonomy. Additional families are included, as well as representative examples on color plates. A new key for the main groups of euphorbiacean genera has been included. This field guide will be an essential companion to botanists and ecologists.

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Spring 2004 : Springer : agriculture & forestry : plant science : taxonomy : trees and timber

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