Solar House - A Guide for the Solar Designer

Dr Terry Galloway 
Elsevier  2004  

Paperback  240pp, 70 illus  ISBN 9780750658317      £38.00
  • Provides essential information for the solar designer and contractor
  • Gives an insight into the authors experience of living in a solar house to advise on best practice
  • Informs about the latest technology and methods for maintenance of the solar home

Covering the full life span of the project, from siting issues through specific design features to maintenance of the property and equipment, this is a comprehensive guide to designing, planning and building a solar house. The author uses his experience of living in a solar house to inform the reader of the technology and practices needed for the design, operation and maintenance of the solar home. Each of the technologies of the house, such as space heating and cooling, domestic hot water and electric power technologies, are critiqued from the point of view of the owner/resident, with the author using his thirty years experience of living in a solar home. This provides home owners who are thinking of going solar with first hand evidence of best practice, and provides the architect and designer with the knowledge of how to best satisfy their clients needs.

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Goal of this Guide; Site Location; Direct Solar Heating of Tiled Floors; Attached Greenhouse Passive Heating; Domestic Hot Water; Photovoltaic Electric Power; Combined DHW and Swimming Pool Heating; Space Heating; Space Cooling; Maintenance Saves Money; Payback Economics; Thermal Performance Monitoring; Solar Energy Future Options; References; Bibliography, Symbols and Notations; Appendices; Index.

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