Primary Succession and Ecosystem Rehabilitation

Lawrence R. Walker, Roger del Moral 
Cambridge University Press  2003  

Hardcover  456 pages 80 line diagrams 35 half-tones 25 tables  ISBN 9780521800761      £116.00

Softcover  456 pages 80 line diagrams 35 half-tones 25 tables  ISBN 9780521529549      £47.00
Natural disturbances such as lava flows, landslides and glacial moraines, and human-damaged sites such as pavement, road edges and mine wastes often leave little or no soil or biological legacy. This book provides the first comprehensive summary of how plant, animal and microbial communities develop under the harsh conditions following such dramatic disturbances. The authors examine the basic principles that determine ecosystem development and apply the general rules to the urgent practical need for promoting the reclamation of damaged lands. Written for ecologists concerned with disturbance, landscape dynamics, restoration, life histories, invasions, modeling, soil formation and community or population dynamics, this book will also serve as an authoritative text for graduate students and a valuable reference for professionals involved in land management.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Denudation: the creation of a barren substrate; 3. Successional theory; 4. Soil development; 5. Life histories of early colonists; 6. Species interations; 7. Successional patterns; 8. Applications of theory for rehabilitation; 9. Future directions; Glossary; References; Index.

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