Clive Hambler 
Cambridge University Press  2004  

Hardback  378 pp, 74 diags, 19 half-tones, 44 tabs, 79 figs  ISBN 9780521793025      £98.00

Paperback  378 pp  ISBN 9780521000383      £29.00
This book gives an overview of all aspects of this rapidly changing and controversial field. With the decline of species and our encroachment of natural habitats, conservation is becoming increasingly in the public eye. Maintaining the diversity of life on this planet and using our natural resources in a sustainable manner is important to protect the options of future generations. An understanding of conservation biology is essential to debates and action on the environment. As with all books in the series, Conservation will act as an aid to learning, and to field work. It is meant to be used as an introductory text and as a study aid for examinations.


Preface; 1. General introduction; 2. Threats to biodiversity; 3. Evaluation of priorities for species and habitats; 4. Monitoring and environmental impact assessment; 5. Management of natural habitats; 6. Management of species; 7. Sustainability; 8. Restoration, translocation, and mitigation; 9. Environmental economics, law, and education; 10. Conclusion; Further reading; Species index; Subject index.

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