Population Viability in Plants - Conservation, Management, and Modelling of Rare Plants

Edited by Brigham, Christy A.; Schwartz, Mark W. 
Springer  2003  

Hardcover  XVII, 362 pp, 72 illus  ISBN 9783540439097      £144.00
Providing a quantitative assessment of threatened plant populations, that holds for varying management scenarios, has become an essential part of conservation planning. Here, renowned plant ecologists provide information on: major threats to plants, when and where to conduct a plant viability assessment (PVA), what type of PVA to conduct, what alternative options to PVA are available, what information is required for which kind of viability assessment, what attributes of the population in question should be considered, and what the limits of the PVA would be. As such, this volume can be used as a training tool for the environmental manager or a teaching aid for reviewing the current state of knowledge on plant population viability.

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Autumn 2003 : Springer : biodiversity : environmental protection : modelling, computer & mathematical : plant science

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