Plant Roots: The Hidden Half - Third Edition, Revised and Expanded

Edited by Yoav Waisel, Amram Eshel, Uzi Kafkafi 
Marcel Dekker  2002  

Hard Cover  1136 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824706319      £187.00
Reflecting major advances and emerging technologies in the field, this reference presents the latest developments in the study of root origin, composition, formation, and behavior for the production of novel pharmaceutical and medicinal compounds, agrochemicals, dyes, flavors, and pesticides.

Contains entirely new chapters detailing recent breakthroughs in genetics, molecular biology, growth substance physiology, biotechnology, and biomechanics!

Completely revised, expanded, and updated throughout, Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, Third Edition :

  • discusses the role of root-specific genes in the control of root structure and function
  • analyzes interactions between roots and their environment
  • studies the effect of pH stress on root growth
  • evaluates modern tools and techniques for root investigation, such as micropropagation, root architecture modeling, and vibrating microelectrodes
  • explores the physiological characteristics of roots from differing ecological groups
  • addresses specific topics including micropropagation, root signals, environmental sensing, and direction finding
  • examines root growth hormones and their effects
  • investigates the genetics of major crop plants

Supplemented with nearly 7000 contemporary references, Plant Roots: The Hidden Half, Third Edition is an authoritative source for environmental, crop, and soil scientists and technologists; plant scientists, physiologists, nutritionists, breeders, geneticists, and pathologists; botanists; agronomists; agriculturists; foresters; microbiologists; nematologists; entomologists; and upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in these disciplines.


The Origin and Characteristics of Roots

The Origin of Roots
Paul Kenrick

Characteristics and Functions of Root Systems
Alastair Fitter

The Root System: Structure and Development

The Root Cap: Structure and Function
Andreas Sievers, Markus Braun, and Gabriele B. Monshausen

Cellular Patterning in Root Meristems: Its Origins and Significance
Peter W. Barlow

Root Hairs: Hormones and Tip Molecules
Robert W. Ridge and Masayuki Katsumi

Secondary Growth of Roots: A Cell Biological Perspective
Nigel Chaffey

The Kinematics of Primary Growth
Wendy Kuhn Silk

Lateral Root Initiation
Pedro G. Lloret and Pedro J. Casero

Functional Diversity of Various Constituents of a Single Root System
Yoav Waisel and Amram Eshel

Biomechanics of Tree Root Anchorage
Alexia Stokes

Root Systems of Arboreal Plants
Hans Å. Persson

Root€Shoot Relations: Optimality in Acclimation and Adaptation or the€Emperor€s New Clothes€?
Peter B. Reich

Root Lifespan, Efficiency, and Turnover
David M. Eissenstat and Ruth D. Yanai

Root Genetics

Maize Root System and Genetic Analysis of Its Formation
Günter Feix, Frank Hochholdinger, and Woong June Park

Root Architecture€Wheat as a Model Plant
Günther G. B. Manske and Paul L. G. Vlek

Banana Roots: Architecture and Genetics
Xavier Draye

Molecular Root Bioengineering
Marcel Bucher

Research Techniques for Root Studies

Root Research Methods
Janina Polomski and Nino Kuhn

Aeroponics: A Tool for Root Research Under Minimal Environmental Restrictions
Yoav Waisel

Use of Microsensors for Studying the Physiological Activity of Plant Roots
D. Marshall Porterfield

Rooting of Micropropagules
Geert-Jan de Klerk

Modeling Root System Architecture
Loïc Pagès

The Regulation of Root Growth

Auxins in the Biology of Roots
Thomas Gaspar, Jean-François Hausman, Odile Faivre-Rampant, Claire Kevers, and Jacques Dommes

Eiichi Tanimoto

Roots and Cytokinins
R.J. Neil Emery and Craig A. Atkins

Abscisic Acid in Roots€Biochemistry and Physiology
Eleonore Hose, Angela Sauter, and Wolfram Hartung

Role of Ethylene in Coordinating Root Growth and Development
Ahmed Hussain and Jeremy A. Roberts

Root Signals
Mark A. Bacon, William J. Davies, Darren Mingo, and Sally Wilkinson

Environmental Sensing and Directional Growth of Plant Roots
D. Marshall Porterfield

Root Growth and Gravireaction: A Critical Study of Hormone and Regulator Implications
Paul-Emile Pilet

Calcium and Gravitropism
B.W. Poovaiah, Tianbao Yang, and A. S. N. Reddy

Physiological Aspects of Root Systems

Respiratory Patterns in Roots in Relation to Their Functioning
Hans Lambers, Owen K. Atkin, and Frank F. Millenaar

Root pH Regulation
Jóska Gerendás and R. George Ratcliffe

Nutrient Absorption by Plant Roots: Regulation of Uptake to Match Plant Demand
Anthony D. M. Glass

Dynamics of Nutrient Movement at the Soil€Root Interface
Albrecht O. Jungk

Root-Induced Changes in the Availability of Nutrients in the Rhizosphere
Günter Neumann and Volker Römheld

Simulation of Ion Uptake from the Soil
Moshe Silberbush

Soil Water Uptake and Water Transport Through Root Systems
John S. Sperry, Volker Stiller, and Uwe G. Hacke

Ecological Aspects of Water Permeability of Roots
Andrea Nardini, Sebastiano Salleo, and Melvin T. Tyree

Inorganic Carbon Utilization by Root Systems
Michael D. Cramer

Root Growth Under Stress

Temperature Effects on Root Growth
Bobbie L. McMichael and John J. Burke

Root Growth and Metabolism Under Oxygen Deficiency
William Armstrong and Malcolm C. Drew

Trace Element Stress in Roots
Jürgen Hagemeyer and Siegmar-W. Breckle

Root Growth Under Salinity Stress
Nirit Bernstein and Uzi Kafkafi

High Soil Strength: Mechanical Forces at Play on Root Morphogenesis and in Root: Shoot Signaling
Josette Masle

Plant Roots Under Aluminum Stress: Toxicity and Tolerance
Hideaki Matsumoto

Root€Rhizosphere Interaction

Root€Bacteria Interactions: Symbiotic N2 Fixation
Carroll P. Vance

Plant Growth Promotion by Rhizosphere Bacteria
Yoram Kapulnik and Yaacov Okon

Fungal Root Endophytes
Thomas N. Sieber

Mycorrhizae€Rhizosphere Determinants of Plant Communities
Ingrid Kottke

Root€Nematode Interactions: Recognition and Pathogenicity
Hinanit Koltai, Edna Sharon, and Yitzhak Spiegel

Interactions of Soilborne Pathogens with Roots and Aboveground Plant Organs
Jaacov Katan

Roots of Various Ecological Groups

Ecophysiology of Roots of Desert Plants, with Special Emphasis on Agaves and Cacti
Park S. Nobel

Contractile Roots
Norbert Pütz

Roots of Banksia spp. (Proteaceae) with Special Reference to Functioning of Their Specialized Proteoid Root Clusters
John S. Pate and Michelle Watt

Ecophysiology of Roots of Aquatic Plants
Craig Beyrouty

Roots of Economic Value

Roots as a Source of Food
Daniel F. Austin

Underground Plant Metabolism: The Biosynthetic Potential of Roots
Jorge M. Vivanco, Rejane L. Guimaraes, and Hector E. Flores

Roots as a Source of Metabolites with Medicinal Activity
Zohara Yaniv and Uriel Bachrach

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