Molecular Ecotoxicology of Plants

Edited by Sandermann, H. 
Springer  2004  

Hardcover  XIV, 241 pp, 42 illus, 8 in color, 9 tabs  ISBN 9783540009528      £95.00

A well-structured and comprehensive summary of the strategies and several case studies for applying molecular plant genomics in the fields of plant ecotoxicology and plant ecology. With an increasing number of plant genome projects now being completed, there arises the need to develop plant functional genomics. The book concentrates on ecological functions and relates molecular stress responses and signalling pathways to environmental interactions. This paves the way for uncovering new mechanisms of plant fitness, population dynamics and evolution, and new possibilities for plant breeding and sustainable agriculture. Topics covered include: definition and up-scaling of molecular ecotoxicology; signalling substances, enzymes and genes involved in defence against pathogens, xenobiotics, ozone, UV-B and further environmental stressors; and manipulation of plant signal transduction by soil bacteria.

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Autumn 2003 : Springer : ecology : molecular biology : plant science : toxicology

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