Tortrid pests - Their Biology, Natural Enemies and Control

Edited by L P S van der Geest and H H Evenhuis 
Elsevier  1991  

Hardback  xviii + 808 pages  ISBN 9780444880000      £310.00

Published as volume 5 of the World Crop Pests series, this publication deals with the economic importance of Tortricidae in agriculture and forestry. It discusses how crops and forests in the temperate climatic zones suffer considerable loss due to this lepidopterous family, covering the entire spectrum from taxonomy, morphology and physiology to chemical and biological control. It provides an opening to the scientific literature on Tortricidae for scientists in research institutions, universities and experimental stations. The indices include entries fur synonyms referring to the species names used in this volume. The contents are as follows:

1. Morphology, Phylogeny and Systematics. Morphology (M Horak). Taxonomy and Phylogeny (M Horak and R L Brown). Identification of Immature stages (L P S van der Geest and H H Evenhuis). Identification of Pupae on Apple in Eastern North America (C R L Adler). Identification of Larvae and Pupae (H Beeke and D J de Jong). Identification of Early Immature Stages by Means of Allozyme Gel Electrophoresis (S B J Menken).
2. Physiology, Reproduction and Ecology. Physiology and Genetics (G Benz). Spermatogenesis (M Friedländer). Reproductive Biology (J F Howell), Diapause (J J Brown). Sex Pheromones (H Am). Ecology and Population Dynamics (M E Solomon).
3. Natural Enemies and Pathogens. Parasitoids and Predators (N J Mills and K P Cad). Pathogens and Diseases (G Zimmermann and J Weiser). Nematode Parasites (G O Poiner, Jr).
4. Techniques. Rearing Methods (H Bathon, P Singh and G K Clare). Sterile Insect Release (B A Buff). Modelling and Prediction Technology (A L Knight and B A Croft).
5. Tortricids In Pome and Stone Fruits. Codling Moth Occurrence, Host Race Formation, and Damage (M M Barnes). Population Dynamics of the Codling Moth (H Audemard). Use of Sex Pheromones for Control of Codling Moth (R A Vickers and G H L Rothschild). Biological Control and the Codling Moth (L A Falcon and J Huber), Chemical Control and Resistance to Pesticides of the Codling Moth (B A Croft and H W Riedl). Biology, Ecology and Control of Oriental Fruit Moth (G H L Rothschild and R A Vickers). Other Tortricids on Pome and Stone Fruits. North American Species (R Weires and H W Riedl). Tortricid Pests of Pome and Stone Fruits, Eurasian Species (E Dickler). Tortricid Pests of Pome and Stone Fruits, Australian and New Zealand Species (C H Wearing et al.). Tortricid Pests of Pome and Stone Fruits, chemical Control and Resistance to Pesticides (B A Croft and L A Hull). Use of Sex Pheromones for Control of Tortricid Pests in Pome and Stone Fruits (P J Charmillot and R A Vickers). Biological Control of Tortricid Pests In Pome and Stone Fruits (J Huber and S A Hassan).
6. Tortricids In Other Crops. Tortricids in Vineyards (R Roehrich and E Boller). Tortricid in Ornamental Crops and Greenhouses (M van de Vrie). Tortricid In Tea (Y Tamaki). Tortricid in Cereals (M Glas). Tortricid in Miscellaneous Crops (L P S van der Geest, C H Wearing and J S Dugdale).
7. Tortricids In Forests. Biology of North American Spruce Bud Worms (C J Sanders). Spruce Budworm, Chemical and Biological Control (T Ennis and E T N Caldwell), Grey Larch Budmoth, Biology and Control (G Benz). Eurasian Species in Forestry (H Bogenschütz). Japanese Species in Forestry (K Furuta and K Kobayashi). North American Species in Forestry (I S Otvos). Tropical Species in Forestry (J Schönherr). Australian and New Zealand Species in Forestry (M M Kay).
General Index.
Index of Leafroller Species.
Index of Natural Enemies and Pathogens.

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