Encyclopedia of Rose Science 3 Volume Set

Edited by Professor Andrew Roberts Dr. Thomas Debener , Professor Serge Gudin 
Academic Press  October 2003  

Hardback  1200 Pages  ISBN 9780122276200      £520.00

  • Presents complete, up-to-date information on over 35 subject areas of major importance to rose scientists
  • Incorporates MODERN ROSES XI , published by the American Rose Society as International Cultivar Registration Authority for Roses, the most comprehensive list of roses of historical and botanical importance!
  • High quality production includes a multitude of illustrative figures, drawings, and full-color photographs
  • Concise, readable entries, easy searches, and extensive cross-references

    The Encyclopedia of Rose Science brings together a wealth of information on the rose, long treasured for its captivating perfumes and splendid colors. Now, more than ever, science plays a central role in the production of this flower at the center of one of the world's biggest floricultural industries. A team of internationally renowned experts has contributed scores of articles, from the history of rose cultivation to discoveries in rose genetics. Organized rigorously and thoroughly cross-referenced, the Encyclopedia also features comprehensive references, extensive use of illustration, and an exhaustive index. For researchers and students, as well as commercial rosegrowers and breeders and avid amateurs, the Encyclopedia of Rose Science is an invaluable reference.

    Annotated Contents List

    Includes: Rose Diseases; Bacteria, Bacteriocides and fungicides; Biotechnologies for Breeding; Rose Breeding; Bud Break Regulation; Cell Culture; Classification; Cultivar Identification; Cytogenetics; Rose Diseases; DNA and Rose Genetics; Essential Oils; Floral Induction; Fungi; Galls Induced by Cynipid Wasps; Genome Analysis; Growth Regulators; History of Cultivation; Insect Pollinators of Roses; Insecticides; Insect Pests; Integrated Pest Management; Intellectual Property; Micropropagation; Molecular Markers; Morphology and Anatomy; Nutrition; Rose Pigments; Postharvest Physiology; Production and Marketing; Propagation; Pruning Techniques; Replant Sickness; Rootstocks; Rose Collections and Trials; Secondary Metabolites; Seed Maturation and Germination; Selection Strategies; Tissue Culture; Rose Diseases; Viruses.

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