Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Science 3 Vol set

Edited by Brian Thomas Dr, Denis J. Murphy , Professor Brian G. Murray 
Academic Press  September 2003  

Hardcover  2000pp  ISBN 9780122270505      £785.00
Applied plant science can be defined as the application of advances in biological sciences, especially advances in cell and molecular biology, to the production of sustainable, low pesticide food, feed and food ingredients, and renewable raw materials for industry and society. Applied plant science also includes continuing advances in the areas of ecology, plant pathology, plant genetics, plant physiology, plant biochemistry, and biotechnology.

The Encyclopedia of Applied Plant Sciences addresses the core knowledge, theories, and techniques employed by plant scientists in all of these areas, while concentrating on their applications in research and industry.

Contents include:

Abiotic Stresses; Biology of Recalcitrant Seeds; Crop Improvement and Biotechnology; Environmental Regulation of Growth and Development; Ethics; Genetics of Crop Improvement; Methods in Plant Breeding; Organic Farming; Photosynthesis; Phytoremediation; Plant Diversity and Usage; Plant Growth and Development; Plant Nutrition; Plant Pests and Diseases; Plant Tissue Culture; Plants and the Environment; Pollination (including Insect and Wind Pollination); Postharvest Physiology; Primary Products; Primary Products of Photosynthesis; Production Systems/Agronomy; Regulators of Growth; Secondary Products; Seed Development; Water Relations of Plants; Weeds.

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