Handbook of Vegetable Preservation and Processing

Edited by Y. H. Hui, Sue Ghazala, Dee M. Graham, K. D. Murrell, Wai-Kit Nip 
Marcel Dekker  2003  

Hard Cover  752 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824743017      £170.00

A unique and unparalleled source containing previously unpublished material on topics ranging from postharvest technology and food pathogens to soy product consumption and nutritive value.

Representing the vanguard in the field with research from more than 35 international experts spanning governmental, industrial, and academic sectors, this reference compiles the latest science and technology in the processing and preservation of vegetables and vegetable products serving as the only guide to compile key tools used in the United States to safeguard and protect the quality of fresh and processed vegetables.


Horticulture and Nutrition

Vegetables: Types and Biology
Jocelyn Shing-Jy Tsao and Hsiao-Feng Lo
Nutritional Value
Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs
Postharvest Preservation and Storage
Kate Maguire, H. T. Sabarez, and D. J. Tanner

Canned Vegetables

Canning Principles
Hoshihalli S. Ramaswamy and C. R. Chen
Canned Chinese Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts, Mushrooms (Straw, Abalone, and Gold) and Imitation Vegetarian Products
Wen-Ching Ko
Canned Tomatoes
Sheryl A. Barringer
Canned Vegetables: Product Description
Peggy Stanfield
Canned Corn: Standard and Grade
Peggy Stanfield

Fermentation and/or Chemical Preservation

Fermentation Principles and Microorganisms
Ken Yuon Li
Chinese Pickles (Leaf Mustard and Derived Products)
Robin Y.Y. Chiou
Jalapenos Chili
Rosa María Galicia-Cabrera
Kun-Young Park, and Hong-Young Park
Yong D. Hang
Pickle Manufacturing in the United States: Quality Assurance and Establishment Iinspection
Y. H. Hui
Fermented Soy Products: Tempeh, Nattos, and Soy Sauce
Takefumi Yoneya

Frozen Vegetables

Frozen Vegetables: Product Description
Peggy Stanfield
Quality Control and Frozen Vegetables
D. Martínez-Romero, S. Castillo, and D. Valero
Frozen Tomatoes
Sheryl A. Barringer
Frozen French Fried Potatoes and Quality Assurance
Peggy Stanfield
Frozen Peas: Standard and Grade
Peggy Stanfield

Dehydrated Vegetables

Principles and Applications
Juming Tang and Tom Yang
Dehydrated Oriental Mushrooms, Leafy Vegetables, and Food Preparation Herbs and Condiments
Tongyi Cai, Fang Chen, and Jinghua Qi
Dehydrated Tomatoes
Bee May
Minimal Processed Products
Sue Ghazala
Cook-Chill and Sous Vide Technology
Gillian A. Armstrong
Salads and Cold Soups
Robyn O'Connor-Shaw

Special Vegetable and Related Products

Science and Technology of Tofu Making
Sam K. C. Chang and H. J. Hou
Vegetable as a Food Ingredient, Including Nutraceuticals
Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titichenal
Vegetable and Plant Parts as Legal Dietary Supplements
Joannie Dobbs and Alan Titichenal

Safety of Processing Vegetables

Safety of Vegetables and Vegetable Products
Y. H. Hui and Wai-Kit Nip
Critical Factors in the Manufacture of Acidified Vegetable and Vegetable Products
Y. H. Hui and Wai-Kit Nip
New Technology for Vegetable Processing and Microbial Inactivation
Y. H. Hui and Wai-Kit Nip.

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