Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology

Dilip K. Arora 
Marcel Dekker  2003  

Hard Cover  600 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9780824740184      £187.00
The last decade has seen fungal biotechnology flourish from the practical returns of advanced techniques like genetic recombination and robotics. Reenvisioned to account for developments in fungal ecology, physiology, and biochemical processes and the mounting list of industrial and semi-industrial applications the Handbook of Fungal Biotechnology, Second Edition reigns as the top source on current molecular, biochemical, and medical technologies and commercial usages for fungi.

Updated chapters include

  • The cell biology of hyphae and the fungal mitochondrial genome
  • Fungal genomics and its role in biotechnology
  • Gene manipulation and cloning, and genetic transformation and expression
  • DNA chips, microarray analysis, and signal transduction in fungi
  • Genetic engineering and the improvement of filamentous fungal strains
  • Wine yeasts and the fungal biotechnology of brewing
  • Production of acids and fungal antibiotics
  • Carotenoids and terpenoid antibiotics
  • Solid-state fermentation
  • The commercial production of fungal enzymes
  • Bioactive fungal polysaccharides and polysaccharopeptides
  • Xylanases of thermophilic molds
  • Clinical diagnosis and laboratory assessment of fungal infections and allergies
  • Immunization against fungal diseases and antifungal drugs
  • Fungal antitumor and immunomodulatory compounds

Cell Biology, Biochemical and Molecular Technologies

Cell Biology of Hyphae
Oded Yarden
Protoplast Isolation, Regeneration, and Fusion in Filamentous Fungi
Shubha P. Kale and Deepak Bhatnagar
Metabolic Pathway Regulation in Fungi
Perng-Kuang Chang and Richard B. Todd
Fungal Nuclei and Chromosomes
Benjamin C. K. Lu
Genomics of Filamentous Fungi: A General Overview
Ahmad M. Fakhoury and Gary A. Payne
Stability and Instability of Fungal Genomes
A. John Clutterbuck
Secondary Metabolic Gene Clusters in Filamentous Fungi
Jeffrey W. Cary
Application of Gene Cloning in Fungal Biotechnology
Laszlo Hornok and Gabor Giczey
Transformation And Gene Manipulation In Filamentous Fungi: An Overview
Robert L. Mach
Genetic Manipulation Systems for Non-Conventional Fungi
Johannes Wöstemeyer, Anke Burmester, and Christine Schimek
Fungal Mitochondria: Genomes, Genetic Elements, and Gene Expression
John C. Kennell and Stephanie M. Cohen
Fungal Evolution Meets Fungal Genomics
Jessica Leigh, Elias Seif, Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, Yannick Jacob, and B. Franz Lang
Genome Sequence Patterns and Gene Regulation: A Bioinformatics Perspective
Gautam B. Singh
DNA Chips and Microarray Analysis: An Overview
Sangdun Choi
Signal Transduction in Fungi: Signaling Cascades Regulating Virulence in Filamentous Fungi
Susanne Zeilinger

Commercial Applications and Biotechnological Potential

Application of Genetic Engineering for Strain Improvement in Filamentous Fungi
Helena Nevalainen, Valentino Te€o, and Merja Penttilä
The Genetic Analysis and Improvement of Wine Yeasts
Isak S. Pretorius
Fungi in Brewing: Biodiversity and Biotechnology Perspectives
Jorgen Hansen and Jure Pi
Ethanol-Tolerance and Production by Yeast
Tahía Benítez and Antonio C. Codón
Solid State Fermentation: An Overview
Poonam Nigam, Tim Robinson, and Dalel Singh
Basic Principles for the Production of Fungal Enzymes by Solid State Fermentation
Gustavo Viniegra-González and Ernesto Favela-Torres
Commercial Importance of Some Fungal Enzymes
Rajendra Saxsena, Bhawana Malhotra, and Anoop Batra
Xylanases of Thermophilic Moulds and Their Application Potential
Seema Rawat and Bhavdish N. Johri
Chitin Biosynthesis in Fungi
Jose Ruiz-Herrera and Roberto Ruiz-Medrano
Bioactive Fungal Polysaccharides and Polysaccharopeptides
T. B. Ng
Biotechnological Potential of Fungal Lipids
Michel Sancholle, Dorothy M. Lösel, Frédéric Laruelle, and Jérôme Muchembled
Metabolic Modeling and Biochemical Systems: Appplication to Citric Acid Production in Aspergillus niger
Néstor V. Torres, Fernando Alvarez-Vasquez, and Eberhard O. Voit
Fungal Carotenoid Production
Javier Avalos and Enrique Cerdá-Olmedo
Fungal Terpenoid Antibiotics and Enzyme-Inhibitors
Shigeharu Inouye, Shigeru Abe, and Hideyo Yamaguchi
Commercial Production and Biosynthesis of Fungal Antibiotics: An Overview
S. Gutiérrez, J. Casqueiro, R.E. Cardoza, and J.F. Martín
Molecular Biology of Trichoderma and Biotechological Applications
Merja Pentillä, Carmen Limón, and Helena Nevalainen
Plecomycetes: Biotechnological Importance and Systematics
Junta Sugiyama and Hiroyuki Ogawa
Exploitation of GFP-Technology with Filamentous Fungi
Dan Funck Jensen and Alexander Schulz

Medical Biotechnology

Antifungal Drugs in Fungal Infections
Yoshimi Niwano
Antitumor and Immunomodulatory Compounds from Fungi
T.B. Ng
Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis of Fungal Infections
Malcolm Richardson
A. G. Palma-Carlos and M. Laura Palma-Carlos
Immunizations Against Fungal Diseases in Man and Animals
Esther Segal and Daniel Elad
Fungal Allergy
Viswanath P. Kurup

Culture Collections and Biosafety

Current Status of Fungal Collections and Their Role in Biotechnology
David Smith and Matthew J. Ryan
Benefits and Risks of Genetically Modified Foods
Felicity Goodyear-Smith
Transgenic Mycoherbicides: Needs and Safety Considerations
Jonathan Gressel
Recent Developments in Biotechnology and Intellectual Property, Access to Genetic Resources, and Benefit-Sharing
Phyllida Cheyne
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