Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants - Environmental and Industrial Applications

Matthew A. Tarr 
Marcel Dekker  August 2003  

Hardcover  314 pp  ISBN 9780824743079      £145.00
  • Studies metal catalyzed oxidations and reductions, natural and synthetic catalysis, supercritical water and wet air oxidation, and sonochemistry
  • Details electrochemical degradation techniques, as well as current photolytic and photocatalytic methods
  • Links chemical degradation methods to concepts in biodegradation, biotechnology, and toxicology
Chemical Degradation Methods for Wastes and Pollutants focuses on established and emerging chemical procedures for the management of pollutants in industrial wastewater and the environment. This reference offers an in-depth e xplanation of the degradation process, mechanisms, and control factors affecting each method, as well as issues crucial to the application of these approaches in real-world treatment sites. It examines ten of the most common and useful chemical technologies for environmental remediation and sanitation of industrial waste streams and offers implementation guidelines and examples of remediation strategies that are crucial to effective wastewater cleansing.

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Autumn 2003 : Marcel Dekker : atmosphere and air pollution : environmental protection : environmental science : remediation : waste treatment : water science

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