Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering

Edited by Dennis R. Heldman 
Marcel Dekker  August 2003  

Hard Cover  1208 pages, Illustrated  ISBN 9781439811115      £507.00

largest and most comprehensive guide on raw production technology with more than 3000 references and nearly 2000 photographs, figures, tables, and equations.

Examining the role of engineering in delivery of quality consumer products, this expansive source covers the development and design of procedures, equipment, and systems utilized in the production and conversion of raw materials into food and nonfood consumer goods - emphasizing and illustrating the various engineering processes associated with the production of materials with agricultural origin.

From forest and aquaculture products to biological materials and energy sources, the Encyclopedia offers step-by-step coverage of every system and application utilized in the production of agricultural crops and commodities - discussing tractors and implements, as well as current harvesting, handling, drainage, and irrigation techniques.

A distinguished panel of experts share a wealth of knowledge on

  • animal production systems, such as farm processing techniques
  • storage and transportation of raw commodities
  • the most recent developments in precision agriculture
  • unit operations associated with food processing such as heating, cooling, freezing, thermal and nonthermal preservation, drying, and packaging
  • regulatory requirements for cleaning and sanitation of equipment
  • the handling and treatment of food wastes
  • unique processes for biological materials including fermentation and separation


Activation Energy in Thermal Process Calculations
Aquacultural Product Storage Systems
Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients
Dehydration Process Energy Balances
Extrusion System Components
Fermentation Process Material and Energy Balances
Forage Production Systems-Machine Design
Glass Transition Temperatures
Heating and Cooling in Agitated Vessels
Homeostasis in Animal Environment
Indirect Contact Freezing Systems
Kinetics of Soil Removal During Cleaning
Machine Vision in Precision Agriculture
Mass Transfer in Biological Membranes
Membrane Separation System Design
Microwave Modification of Wood Properties
Physical Properties of Agricultural Products
Processing Waste Land Application
Processing Wastewater Recovery
Properties of Concentrated Foods
Properties of Food Powders
Radio Frequency Heating and Other RF Applications Relevant to the Food Industry Residence Time Distribution-Biomedical, Food,and Environmental Applications
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