Tree and Forest Measurement - 2nd edition

Edited by West, P. W. 
Springer  May 2009  

Softcover  190 pp  ISBN 9783540959656      £37.00
Forests must be measured, if they are to be managed and conserved properly. This book describes the principles of modern forest measurement, whether using simple, hand-held equipment or sophisticated satellite imagery. Written in a straightforward style, it will be understood by everyone who works with forests, from the professional forester to the layperson. It describes how and why forests are measured and the basis of the science behind the measurements taken.

About the first edition

Trees and forests are large and complex, but even something as difficult as the amount of wood they contain can be measured with quite unsophisticated equipment. Everyone, from professional foresters to the layperson, who works with forests and needs to measure them no matter where in the world, will appreciate this book. It summarises modern forest measurement techniques and describes why forests are measured, how to measure them, and the basis of the science behind these techniques. Professor Phil West has been a forest scientist for over 30 years. His research speciality is the mathematical modelling of forest growth behaviour. He is presently a forestry consultant and teaches forest measurement in the forestry school of Southern Cross University in northern New South Wales, Australia.


1.1 This Book
1.2 What Measurements are Considered?
1.3 Scale of Measurement
2 Measurements
3 Stem diameter
4 Tree Height
6 Stem Volume and Taper Functions
7 Biomass
8 Stand Measurement
9 Measuring Populations
10 Sampling Theory
11 Conducting an Inventory
12 The Plane Survey
13 Remote Sensing
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D

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