The Micro-hydro Pelton Turbine Manual -

Jeremy Thake 
ITDG  2000  

Paperback  180 pp  ISBN 9781853394607      £26.00
Design, manufacture and installation for small-scale hydropower

Micro-hydro is a useful way of providing power to houses, workshops or villages that need an independent supply. For many remote areas beyond the reach of a national grid, micro-hydro is the only economic option. Where flow is limited, but high heads are available, the Pelton wheel is one of the most useful turbines. The Micro-hydro Pelton Turbine Manual is written to enble the reader to design and manufacture Pelton turbines with capacities from a few hundred Watts to around 100kw, though much of the information is relevant for larger units too. Aimed at readers with a general engineering workshop background, the emphasis is on simple technology, so that the turbines can be made in small workshops with basic engineering facilities. More advanced processes are discussed for those with access to better manufacturing facilities. As well as detailing all the important aspects of design, the book covers basic theory, turbine selection, manufacture, installation, testing and problem-solving. The manual is well illustrated and contains a comprehensive appendices, containing manufacturing reference information and the derivation of equations used.

Jeremy Thake, a mechanical design engineer, has worked for the appropriate technology organization, DCS, in Nepal for six years in micro-hydro systems. He currently works for the renewable energy consultancy, IT Power.

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