Elsevier's Dictionary of Plant Names in Latin, English, French, German and Italian

M Wrobel and G Creber 
Elsevier  1996  

hardcover  940 pages, 12,512 terms  ISBN 9780444821829      £205.00
This comprehensive overview of plant names includes over 12,500 terms covering 298 families, 2,787 genera and 9,427 species that are listed in the alphabetical order of their botanical names. In addition, 2,109 of the more common synonyms are given and referred to their current, preferred names. The presentation of the common names in the four languages of this dictionary is unusual in that as many as twelve names for the same plant in any one language may be given. There are more than 17,250 English names including over 3,000 North American and 775 from Australia and New Zealand, whilst the nearly 400 Quebecois and a sprinkling of West African and Mauritian names are included among the 13,300 French names, while more than 13,000 German and 8,600 Italian names are presented. This dictionary will be of value to translators of scientific and general literature, scientific and botanical authors, environmentalists and ecologists as well as scientific and lay readers of foreign literature.

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