Functional Genetics of Industrial Yeasts

Edited by Winde, J. H. de 
Springer Verlag  2003  

Hardcover  XIV, 367 pp, 50 illus  ISBN 9783540024897      £289.00
In recent years, new yeast species have proven their value and novel biotechnological applications have emerged. This book compiles the multi-faceted genetic repertoire of several yeasts relevant to modern biotechnology, and describes their utilization in research and application in the light of their genetic make-up and physiological characteristics. Moreover, the book presents a thorough overview of a wide array of methodologies from classical genetics to modern genomics technologies that have been and are being used in functional analysis of yeasts.


Introduction - Scope & Overview.- Genetics and Classical Genetic Manipulations of Industrial Yeasts.- Baker's Yeast: Challenges and Future Projects.- The Genetic Analysis and Tailoring of Wine Yeasts.- Brewer's Yeast: Genetic Structure and Modification.- Kluyveromyces lactis.- Methylotrophic Yeast: Favourable Cell Factories in Various Applications.- Functional Genetics of Yarrowia lipolytica.- Yeasts and Food spoilage.- Non-conventional Antifungal Yeasts in Biocontrol.- Yeast Functional Genomics and Metabolic Engineering: Past, Present and Future.

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