Handbook of Carotenoids

Edited by Britton, G., Liaaen-Jensen, S., Pfander, H. P. 
Springer Verlag  2004  

Hardcover  670pp  ISBN 9783764361808      £121.00

Though the Handbook serves as a unique comprehensive reference book on the known carotenoids, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the Carotenoids series. The numbering of carotenoids in the Handbook is the same as that used throughout the Carotenoids volumes. The factual information and practical guidance given in this well received book series ideally complements the information given in the Handbook. It is highly advisable to be familiar with the general methods and precautions for handling carotenoids, and with the isolation and purification strategies and methods as described and evaluated in Vol. 1A, and the principles, application and interpretation of the spectroscopic techniques as described in Vol. 1B, to ensure that the identifications and analyses on which carotenoid work is based are accurate and reliable.

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