Integrating Landscape Ecology into Natural Resource Management

Edited by Jianguo Liu, William W. Taylor 
Cambridge University Press  August 2002  

Paperback  500 pp, 4 illus, 16 colour plates, 21 tabs, 68 fig  ISBN 9780521784337      £56.00
The rapidly increasing global population has dramatically increased the demands for natural resources and has caused significant changes in quantity and quality of natural resources. To achieve sustainable resource management, it is essential to obtain insightful guidance from emerging disciplines such as landscape ecology. This text addresses the links between landscape ecology and natural resource management. These links are discussed in the context of various landscape types, a diverse set of resources and a wide range of management issues. A large number of landscape ecology concepts, principles and methods are introduced. Critical reviews of past management practices and a number of case studies are presented. This text provides many guidelines for managing natural resources from a landscape perspective and offers useful suggestions for landscape ecologists to carry out research relevant to natural resource management. In addition, it will be an ideal supplemental text for graduate and advanced undergraduate ecology courses.


List of contributors; Foreward Eugene P. Odum; Preface Jianguo Liu and William W. Taylor; Acknowledgements; Part I. Introduction and Concepts: 1. Coupling landscape ecology with natural resource management: paradigm shifts and new approaches Jianguo Liu and William W. Taylor; Part II. Landscape Structure and Multi-scale Management: 2. Integrating landscape structure and scale into natural resource management John A. Wiens, Beatrice Van Horne and Barry R. Noon; 3. Focal patch landscape studies for wildlife management: optimising sampling effort across scales Julie M. Brennan, Darren J. Bender, Thomas A. Contreras and Lenore Fahrig; 4. Managing for small patch in human-dominated landscapes: cultural factors and corn belt agriculture Robert C. Corry and Joan Iverson Nassauer; 5. A landscape approach to managing the biota of streams Charles F. Rabeni and Scott P. Sowa; 6. Linking ecological and social scales for natural resource management Kristiina A. Vogt, Morgan Grove, Heidi Asbjornsen, Keely B. Maxwell, Daniel J. Vogt, Ragnhildur Sigurdardóttir, Bruce C. Larson, Leo Schibli and Michael Dove; Part III. Landscape Function and Cross-boundary Management: 7. Assessing the ecological consequences of forest policies in a multi-ownership province in Oregon Thomas A. Spies, Gordon Reeves, Kelly Burnett, William McComb, K. Norman Johnson, Gordon Grant, Janet Ohman, Steve Garman and Pete Bettinger; 8. Incorporating the effects of habitat edges into landscape models: effective area models for cross-boundary management Thomas D. Sisk and Nick M. Haddad; 9. Aquatic-terrestrial linkages and implications for landscape management Rebecca L. Schneider, Edward L. Mills and Daniel C. Josephson; Part IV. Landscape Change and Adaptive Management: 10. A landscape transition matrix approach for landscape management Virginia H. Dale, Desmond T. Fortes and Tom L. Ashwood; 11. Tactical monitoring of landscapes Dean L. Urban; 12. Landscape change: patterns, effects and implications for adaptive management of wildlife resources Daniel T. Rutledge, Christopher A. Lepczyk and Jianguo Liu; 13. Landscape ecology in highly managed regions: the benefits of collaboration between management and researchers John B. Dunning Jr.; Part V. Landscape Integrity and Integrated Management: 14. Putting multiple use and sustained yield into a landscape context Thomas R. Crow; 15. Integrating landscape ecology into fisheries management: a rationale and practical considerations W. W. Taylor, D. B. Hayes, C. P. Ferreri, K. D. Lynch, K. R. Newman and E. F. Roseman; 16. Applications of advanced technologies in studying and managing grassland landscape integrity Greg A. Hoch, Brent L. Brock and John M. Briggs; 17. An integrated approach to landscape science and management Richard J. Hobbs and Robert Lambeck; Part VI. Syntheses and Perspectives: 18. Bridging the gap between landscape ecology and natural resource management Monica G. Turner, Thomas R. Crow, Jianguo Liu, Dale Rabe, Charles F. Rabeni, Patricia A. Soranno, William W. Taylor, Kristiina A. Vogt and John A. Wiens; 19. Landscape ecology of the future: a regional interface of ecology and socioeconomics Eugene P. Odum; 20. Epilogue Richard T. T. Forman; Index.

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