Interrelationship between Insects and Plants

Pierre Jolivet 
CRC Press  1998  

Hardback  336 pages  ISBN 9781574440522      £73.00
One of the world's most insightful writers on the subject brings together an array of important and readable information on the ways in which insects and plants coexist in nature resulting in a rare and expansive look at the intertwining of these two vastly different species. Its aim is to summarise in a simple and understandable way the basis of food selection among insects, and to review various aspects of their relationships with plants.


  • A Brief and Simple Review of Plant and Arthropod Relationships
  • Sap Suckers
  • Fruit Eaters
  • Nectar Eaters
  • Pollen and Spore Eaters
  • Floral Feeding
  • Chewers
  • Carnivory in Phytophagous Insects
  • Plant-Feeding Insects and Arthropods of the Geological Past
  • The Fossil Record
  • The Plant Kingdom Plant-Feeding Insects and Arthropods in the Past
  • The Insects and the Plants in the Past
  • Life in Amber
  • Fossil Evidence of Herbivory
  • Gut
  • Pollination
  • Galls and Domatia
  • Paleomimetism, Homochromy, and Aposematism
  • An Early 20th Century Classification of Food Plant Selection Among Phytophagous Insects.
  • The Botanical Sense
  • Botanical Selection and Bridge Species
  • Monophagy
  • Oligophagy
  • Polyphagy
  • Pantophagy
  • Xenogaphy
  • The Old Clichés
  • Learning
  • Plant Resistance to Insects
  • Relationships Between Insects and Fungi
  • Parasitic and Saprophytic Fungi
  • Ectoparasitic Fungi: Laboulbeniales, Endoparasitic Fungi: Trichomycetes or Eccrinids
  • Special Insect and Fungi Relationships: Cecidomyiids, Ants, Coleoptera, Termites
  • Physiology of Food Selection
  • How it Works
  • Mechanical or Physical Selection
  • Selection of Feeding Sites
  • Visual Selection. Chemical Selection (Odor and Taste)
  • Talking Trees
  • Carnivorous and Protocarnivorous Plants
  • Carnivorous Plants
  • Protocarnivorous Plants
  • Plants on the Way to Carnivory
  • Phytotelmata
  • Conclusions on Carnivorous Plants
  • Myrmecophilous Plants or Ant-Plants
  • American, Asian, and African Plants
  • Theories of Myrmecophily
  • Acarophytes or Mite Plants
  • Seed Eating and Seed Dispersal by Ants
  • Ant Gardens Seed Dispersal by Insects Other than Ants
  • A Rare Plant-Insect Relationship: The Epizoic Symbiosis
  • The Galls and Mines
  • Insect Mimicry and Homochromy in Relation to Plants
  • Natural Weed Control in the Holartic and Tropics, Using Phytophagous Insects.
  • Pollination
  • Coevolution or Not Between Insects and Plants, the Paradigm of Coevolution
  • A General Review of Insect-Plant Relationships
  • Some Thoughts About Learning
  • The Canopy
  • Epilogue
  • Glossary
  • References
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