Maintaining Biodiversity in Forest Ecosystems

Edited by M. L. Hunter 
Cambridge University Press  1999  

Paperback  714 pp, 86 diags, 19 illus, 12 tabs  ISBN 9780521637688      £51.00
The maintenance of the earth's biological diversity is widely seen as both necessary for ecosystem integrity and aesthetically desirable. This book focuses on how biodiversity can be maintained in forested ecosystems, particularly in those forests that are subject to timber harvesting. At the core of the book lies the concept that diversity should be conserved in all its forms, from the smallest microbes to the largest trees, and at all levels of organization, from genes, through to whole ecosystems. Introductory chapters on biodiversity and ecological forestry lead on to sections dealing with management at the macro (landscape) and micro (stand) levels. A concluding section considers socio-economic and policy perspectives which inform an overall synthesis and framework for the implementation of successful management practices. Thirty-three experts from ten countries contribute to this thorough and comprehensive account, providing a broad-based perspective which will be of interest internationally.


Foreword J. Ward Thomas; Preface; Part I. Introduction: 1. Biological diversity M. Hunter; 2. Principles of ecological forestry R. Seymour and M. Hunter; Part II. The Macro Approach, Managing Forest Landscapes: 3. Species composition B. Palik and R. Engstrom; 4. Dynamic forest mosaics T. Spies and M. Turner; 5. Abiotic factors A. Hansen and J. Rotella; 6. Forest edges G. Matlack and J. Litvaitis; 7. Islands and fragments Y. Haila; 8. Riparian zones M. Brinson and J. Verhoeven; 9. Forested wetlands A. Calhoun; Part III. The Micro Approach, Managing Forest Stands: 10. Dying, dead and down trees W. McComb and D. Lindenmayer; 11. Vertical diversity N. Brokaw and R. Lent; 12. Production silviculture S. Moore and H. Lee Allen; 13. Special species I. Thompson and P. Angelstam; 14. Genetic diversity C. Millar; Part IV. Synthesis and Implementation: 15. Restoration ecology L. Frelich and K. Puettman; 16. Forest reserves D. Norton; 17. Forest organization, management and policy C. Oliver, M. Boydak, G. Segura and B. Bare; 18. The economic perspective B. Lippke and J. Bishop; 19. Social perspectives L. Maguire; Taxonomic index; Author index, Subject index.

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